We support you with advice and our software to set up an automated digital sales system that sells your products.
Growth together
YourMarket is the opportunity to automatically and consistently reach more customers. With a huge service program, we create with us consultants a optimal concept and prepare everything for your optimal growth strategy. We focus fully on your profit growth - because your success is our success.
Digitally successfully with one click
With our modern software solution, you can set up and build your digital sales process with just a few clicks and thus reach completely new target groups.
The right partners for your growth
If necessary, we recommend suggestions for optimizing your price structure and help you to create an attractive system for sales partners so that they can recommend your products digitally. The billing is purely on commission, without any risk for you.
CEO | Jakob Hager
Jakob has a software development background and knowledge about cryptocurrencies as well as online marketing experience. He is also a successful author of a book about online customer generation that sold 20.000 times. His practical knowledge in IT as well as a good understanding of the digital marketing industry allow him to coordinate and lead the creation of marketplace for goods and services sold digitally and paid for in cryptocurrencies.